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    Publish time 1970-01-01 08:00    

ST T808-C

T808+ diode laser hair removal machine is a kind of disease treatment device, through continuous high energy laser to achieve the transformation of power, light thermal. It is also a laser treatment machine together with the laser, electronic, computer science and medicine techniques.
The working principle for T808: The microprocessor controls the laser power, which can provide the constant current for the laser module. The inner high energy diode, from the laser module, transform the electronic to light energy, which output the constant laser with wavelength 808nm.The laser light on the skin by leaded crystal, penetrate into the deep tissue of the skin. The light energy is absorbed and then turned into the thermal energy, which can destroy the hair follicle tissue, make it gone and never grow again.

Accessories picture / product details

The diode laser machine consists with the power system, microprocessor controller system, operation and screen system, cooling system, laser module and security alarm system

 The power supply consists of net power, laser power, cooling power system and auxiliary power system

Technical specification
Laser typer
semiconductor lase
Laser wavelength
Treatment spot
Power density
1~120J/cm2(continuous adjustable)
Pulse frequency
Cooling way
sealed inner circled water cooling system, treatment head temperature 0~4℃
Power supply
75 kg
External dimensions
500mm×500mm×1100mm (length*width*height)